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Aquatint, Trees & Keys : AV performance/ installation/ single screen.


Bespoke mixes of Overlap's award winning transitional landscapes and melodic minimalist music. Atmospheric distillations exploring landscape through audiovisual polyphony, form a mesmeric dance of shapes, lights and sculpted sound, contrasted by surreal additions of the prosaic, a memory tinted world where harmonics are dominant and time and place non specific.

Either as a live audiovisual performance, (duration: 15 to 90 minutes), one off screenings or auto mixes (software) for specific environments, e.g. 360 degree multi screen installation. The speed of the generative transitions range from imperceptible (transitional paintings), to fast flowing AV performances.

"It appears less necessary to determine location and geography than to exist in the moment, experiencing phenomena within the framework of an immersive virtual experience”.  Ashley Wong: Seditionart.

"Though the dancing light and colour is clearly, unashamedly artificial in Overlap's work, there is something natural about its creeping slowness: almost as if you are looking at a beautiful landscape, but in broken chunks". Mimi Lauder, Digital Arts.


Aquatint : Ground (excerpt).






Trees & Keys : Transitional Painting (excerpt).



To create this mix of Trees & Keys, Overlap took short sequences of photos in East Sussex, Bordeaux, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California: one frame every ten paces, or one every 30 degrees in a 360 pan. These 'stills' were animated and time stretched to create single component movie sequences, which when overlayed and keyed, generated illusions of movement, magical complexity, discrepancies, blur, multiple focal planes and voids. 

The title Trees & Keys refers to both the moods of trees in relation to musical keys and the act of keying images through each other - a practice that goes back, via analogue vision mixers (TV), to the process of reworking etchings - for example Rembrandt’s adding imagery to Hercules Seghers plates years after his death.

Overlap have made available a limited edition of individually numbered USB keys containing an 11 min 30 second H264 MPeg4 HD audiovisual mix of Trees & Keys with edition numbered certificates of authenticity. Also available is a collection of limited edition "stills" at either 42cm x 42 cm or 42cm x 64cm (including 7cm borders), printed on 350 gsm 100 % cotton Hahnemuhle Museum etching paper, signed by the artists, in editions of 28.




Aquatint, selected as one of 5 pieces to be exhibited in Digital Decade 5, an exhibition organised by DesignCollector Network, from 25-27 August. The works will be displayed on the Sedition Frame during Digital Decade 5, which takes place in the Hub at Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London. The winning works are also available as digital editions on the Sedition platform

Trees & Keys, Installation - Balance Unbalance/ A Sense of Place, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University. August 21 to 23 , Produced by i-DAT in collaboration with the Sustainable Earth Institute, the North Devon’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Beaford Arts, the Eden Project and Fulldome UK.

Aquatint / Different Fields, AV Set - Panorama (in association with Splice Festival) 7pm. 23rd May, Genesis Cinema, London,E14

Aquatint, AV Set, 8pm, 22th March + Trees & Keys, Installation 17 - 25th March. B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, Germany

Aquatint, AV Set, 10.00pm,18th March - Screening, 2.00pm,16th March , Videoformes, Clermont - Ferrand, France.

Trees & Keys - Mix 1.4, Transitional Painting, limited edition 56 USB keys and Prints, Jessica Carlisle Gallery, Stand G3, London Art Fair, 18-22 January.

Trees & Keys, Installation, Project 78 Gallery, 78 Normans Rd, St Leonards, UK, September 24th - October 15th, 2016.Trees & Keys , electrifies visions and arrangements of the tree. Combining their melodic-minimal music and visual multi layering, referencing the textural mastery of printmakers such as Hercules Seghers, Overlap create an atmospheric and romantic look at the middle distance tree.  Edition of 28 individually numbered USB keys containing an 11 min 30 second H264 MPeg4 HD audiovisual mix .

Aquatint, AV Set , Splice Festival - forms the UK branch of Creative Europe’s AV Node Network, a large scale project which partners 13 art and technology festivals across some of Europe’s biggest cities, I’Klectik Art Lab : 20 Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG. 6.30pm, 5th June,2016

Aquatint, screening, Riders on the Mall / ROM, MÜSZI, Budapest. May 27-29, 2016

Aquatint, 5 Screen Installation, ISEA2016HK Juried Exhibition, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong. 16th - 23rd May, 2016

Aquatint, Installation, Digital Graffiti. Alys Beach, Florida, USA - "finalists for the 2016 festival. 20 artists from 10 countries across the world will gather at Alys Beach to showcase their digital artwork". May 13-15th, 2016

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