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Overlap was formed in 1999 by Michael Denton and Anna McCrickard as a platform for music, electronic art, festival and gallery activities including single screen videos, VJing, audiovisual performances and installations. Overlap have developed a style outside film, TV and video art - a way of abstracting and combining imagery that has a musical or painterly logic rather than a narrative based or conceptual one. A visual take on serialism - wallpaper with conceits.

Recent works explore the relationship between still and moving imagery through use of discreet picture planes, obscuration techniques and implied motion within transitions. The view is in movie time but limited to flat photographic space, seen through a perceptual keyhole more akin to memories and dreams. If real time video records a moment, Overlap aim to distil it.

Overlap's melodic minimalist music is created alongside their imagery. Experiments with sound and image are distilled into single screen pieces, installations and live performances. Inspired by landscape in all its forms, their working process involves adding and removing layers, degrees of opportunism and systematized chance, creating generative combinations ranging from slow transitional paintings, to fast flowing AV performances.  Representation: Jessica Carlisle Gallery, House of the Nobleman.

Aquatint Ground (excerpt)


Aquatint is an ongoing, multi loop project centring upon infinite variants of Overlap's transitional landscapes and melodic minimalist music - an atmospheric dance of shapes, lights and sculpted sound contrasted by surreal additions of the prosaic.  A memory tinted world where harmonics are dominant and time and place non specific.

Shown in different forms, as audiovisual performance, installation and linear screening, recent exhibits include: Splice Festival - London; B-Seite Festival - Mannheim; Videoformes - Clermont  Ferrand; ROM, MÜSZI - Budapest; ISEA - Hong Kong; Digital Graffiti - Alys Beach and Digital Decade 5 - London.

Aquatint Shuffle (excerpt)

Cloud Edged (excerpt) Light Fantastic exhibition, Frieze, London   Artsy



Lands: Seditonart  Opened12th April. This transitional painting and print project finds Overlap mixing English copses with New World deserts, to 20 unreleased music tracks, creating 40 audiovisual iterations exclusively for Seditionart.  Read about the creative process here.


"There's something satisfying about mixing trees from very different places around the world, they become strangely romantic and mythical. Recent imagery we've been working with, mainly from Southern California and England, has now led to the Lands series, landscapes running through time with a music of miniature melodies and drones, but because they're nearly still, they're more like paintings, memories and dreams". Michael, Overlap.


Also available via Bandcamp are a collection of four limited edition giclee prints in editions of 10, measuring 42cm x 64cm (including 7cm borders), printed on 350 gsm 100 % cotton Hahnemuhle Museum etching paper, numbered, signed and dated by the artists. Includes a free download of Medium Fields.









Music: New Album, Medium Fields, OVLP007, Released - 23rd February 2018.  "Medium Fields, however, is an audio-only album and not a multimedia project. Overlap proves that they don’t necessarily need multi-media to paint their atmospheres. The video images will probably be a great addition at live performances, but the audio alone works fine, too!"  Ambient Blog.

Bandcamp exclusive with extra live mix track, Aquamix 12.40. Long sound tracks of soft electric sub station hum merged with moody drawing room melodies. Overlap music is distributed by Overlap Recordings available to download and stream on Bandcamp, itunes, Spotify etc.

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